Un Message  Concernant la Tragédie de Pittsburgh

Que ton amour indefectible soit ma consolation! (Psaume 119: 76).

Notre famille de la Columbia Union Conference pleure les familles des victimes et des blessés lors de la fusillade tragique et insensée à la synagogue Tree of Life de Pittsburgh. Ces observateurs du sabbat exerçaient leur droit de s’assembler et d'adorer Dieu en toute liberté de conscience.

Nous dénonçons la haine et le mal qui se cachent derrière cette attaque et nous joignons nos voix à celles qui appellent à la fin de la violence qui déchire  les familles de ces fidèles adorateurs  et de beaucoup d’autres.

Quand  une personne est affectée, nous sommes tous affectés.

Seniors Lyden Stanislaus-Niles and Taylore Williams help cut onions at Elijah’s Promise Community Kitchen.

Story by Leonora Seferlis

Lake Nelson Adventist Academy’s (LNAA) educational program includes a purposeful and dynamic mandate of giving back. This directive is part of the legacy built with the participation and contribution of students, staff, teachers, family, friends and church partners who generously and consistently support LNAA’s outreach ministry efforts.

Editorial by Darren Wilkins

As we celebrate Spring Valley Academy’s (SVA) 50th anniversary, we’ve chosen to highlight the “Year of Jubilee” for our school theme. In the Old Testament, jubilee was that wonderful time of debt forgiveness, freedom for slaves and restoration for the downtrodden. Jubilee was a reset. A new start.

Members of the Southwest church’s laundry ministry include Johanna Peart, Dorothy Joint, Carmen Gibson, Corine Cunnison and Hazel Matthias.

Story by LaTasha Hewitt

One Sunday morning, members of the Southwest Philadelphia (Pa.) church converged on the K Laundromat in Southwest Philadelphia. They not only paid for 50 loads of laundry for surprised patrons, but assisted with washing and drying too—all as a part of their new laundry ministry, Loads of Love.

Declaración sobre la tragedia en Pittsburgh

"Que sea tu gran amor mi consuelo …" (Salmo 119: 76, NVI).

Nuestra familia de la Unión de Columbia se aflige con las familias de los muertos y heridos en el tiroteo sin sentido y trágico en la Sinagoga Tree of Life en Pittsburgh. Estos compañeros observadores del sábado estaban ejerciendo su derecho de reunirse y adorar a Dios con libertad de conciencia.

Denunciamos el odio y el mal detrás de este ataque, y unimos nuestras voces con aquellos que están pidiendo que se ponga fin a la violencia que ha separado a las familias de estos fieles adoradores y a muchas otras familias.

Cuando uno sufre, todos sufrimos.

A Statement Regarding the Tragedy in Pittsburgh

“May Your unfailing love be my comfort” (Psalm 119:76, NIV).

Our Columbia Union Conference family grieves for the families of those killed and wounded in the senseless and tragic shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh. These fellow Sabbathkeepers were exercising their right to gather and worship God with liberty of conscience and freedom.

We denounce the hatred and evil behind this attack, and join our voices with those who are calling for an end to the violence that has torn the families of these faithful worshippers and too many other families apart.

When one hurts, we all hurt.

Cave Entrance by Michael Coghlan from Flickr

Editorial by Mario Thorp

At the beginning of the summer, families worldwide were captured by the rescue operation of a 12-member soccer team and coach from Thailand. When the team failed to come home after practice, the city and government launched a search and rescue operation. Days of agony and uncertainty worried their parents and the public.

What a relief when, 10 days later, rescuers found the boys, and eight days later, everyone was safe. It was an amazing process and joint effort to free them from the Tham Luang Nang Non cave.

Three hands by waferboard from Flickr

Editorial by Rick Remmers

What is important to you? What are the things you most want to accomplish? The Chesapeake Conference has established our priorities, and the first is very simple: Evangelism and Outreach.

Why would this be a top priority? Is it because everyone is excited to hit the proverbial sawdust trail and become a public evangelist? Or maybe people are eager to go door to door distributing literature and enrolling people in Bible studies. Perhaps members in your church are ready to open up a soup kitchen and start a tutoring program.