The WGTS 91.9 Team says thank you to the listeners at the end of the fundraiser.

Story by Jerry Woods

More than 3,200 WGTS 91.9 listeners showed their support by making a gift during the spring fundraiser. Together their gifts set a new spring fundraising record. These gifts come just as WGTS prepares to move to a new facility this summer.

At Mountain View Conference’s constituency, Victor Zill, pictured with his wife, Monica, was re-elected secretary/treasurer, and Mike Hewitt, pictured with his wife, Brittan, was re-elected president.

Story by Valerie Morikone

At Mountain View Conference’s constituency session, held Sunday, delegates re-elected their top two officers and received good news about the financial picture of the smallest conference in the Columbia Union.

Photo courtesy Potomac Conference

Story by V. Michelle Bernard / image by Arlene Bonilla

More than 100 nurses and their friends and family from around the Allegheny East, Chesapeake and Potomac conferences recently gathered at Potomac’s Southern Asian church in Silver Spring, Md., for Nurses’ Appreciation Day. “We wanted our Adventist nurses to be recognized, acknowledged and celebrated for the work they do. We want them to know that the Adventist church and the Adventist HealthCare system appreciates them,” said event organizer Kathy Coleman, Faith Community Nurse coordinator and program director for Adventist HealthCare in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Images by Muriel Bello

In December Columbia Union Conference leaders held a luncheon to affirm and express appreciation to the women clergy who serve in the Columbia Union. About 40 attendees (pictured above), including 20 women pastors, several conference presidents and ministerial directors and union officers gathered to talk about the outcome and implications of the vote at the 2018 Annual Council meetings, how women pastors are being treated at their home churches, what questions they have and receive and how the union can help.

Senior Madison Cobb, pictured with Band Director Donald Huff, wrote, notated and arranged an original composition for the recent Celtic Concert.

Story by Vicki Swetnam

Each year Ohio Conference's Spring Valley Academy (SVA) high school band and praise orchestra presents a Celtic Concert at the Kettering (Ohio) church. This year Donald Huff, SVA’s band director, made a surprise announcement to the audience:

Story by Visitor Staff

En décembre, nous avons organisé un déjeuner pour affirmer et exprimer notre reconnaissance aux femmes qui servent dans l’Union de Columbia. Environ 40 participants, dont 20 femmes pasteurs, plusieurs présidents de fédération et Directeurs Association Pastorale et responsables au niveau de l’Union, se sont réunis pour discuter des résultats et des implications du vote du Concile annuel 2018, sur la façon dont les femmes pasteurs sont traitées dans leurs églises, les questions qu’elles ont et comment l’Union peut aider (sur la photo).

Story by Visitor Staff

En diciembre celebramos un almuerzo para afirmar y expresar nuestro agradecimiento al clero de mujeres que prestan servicios en la Unión de Columbia.
Alrededor de 40 asistentes, entre ellas 20 pastoras, varias presidentas de conferencias y directoras ministeriales y oficiales de unión, se reunieron para hablar sobre el resultado y las implicaciones de la votación en las reuniones anuales del Consejo de 2018, cómo
se trata a las pastoras en sus iglesias de origen, qué preguntas tienen y cómo puede ayudar la unión.