Senior Samantha Rivera shares why Lake Nelson Adventist Academy is Making a Difference

Story by Samantha Rivera

On the outside, New Jersey Conference's Lake Nelson Adventist Academy (LNAA), located in Piscataway, doesn’t look like your typical academy. It’s small exterior is a major deception to the big things happening inside. Just by looking at the school, you wouldn’t be able to tell how much of an impact it makes on the students who attend.

Keni Vindel (photo avec le pasteur Horacio Quiroga) est l’un des tout derniers membres de l’église New Life de la Fédération Allegheny West à Cincinnati.

Histoire par V. Michelle Bernard

Rubén Ramos, vice-président des ministères multilingues, a rappelé lors de la réunion du Comité Exécutif de septembre dernier de l’Union de Columbia les objectifs du département pour 2016-2021 et a encouragé chaque membre à s’impliquer dans le partage de l’Évangile.

Historia de V. Michelle Bernard

La iglesia Atholton de la Conferencia de Chesapeake en Columbia, Maryland, se encontraba entre las muchas iglesias alrededor de la Unión de Columbia que organizaron reuniones de evangelismo de otoño centradas en la comunidad. Además de las presentaciones del pastor principal Franke Zollman, tituladas “En busca del significado: arqueología y la Biblia”, se invitó a los asistentes a ver su colección de artefactos de los tiempos b.blicos.

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Story by Heidi Shoemaker

Ron Halvorsen Jr, Ohio Conference president, has accepted an invitation from the Washington Conference to return to pastoral ministry. Halvorsen and his wife Beth “Buffy” Verico Halvorsen, MS, LCMFT, have served in the Ohio Conference since February 2014. During his tenure as president, Halvorsen has focused upon prayer, discipling and young people.

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Story by V. Michelle Bernard with reporting by Adventist News Network and Adventist Review / Image by General Conference Health Ministries

Responding to this question that sparked a renewed church conversation on abortion, delegates to the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s Annual Council recently debated and voted a Statement on the Biblical View of Unborn Life and Its Implications for Abortion. But the levels of abortions performed in Adventist hospitals and health systems aren’t what they used to be.

The Potomac Conference recognized (left to right) Carole Smith, Johnnie Blanton, Paulasir Abraham and Jonas Baca for the work they have done.

Story by Tiffany Doss

At the recent Potomac Conference pastor/teacher meeting, administrators recognized outstanding educators and pastors for the work they have done. This year they gave special appreciation to four professionals:

Gale Walker, George Jones and Karen Jones have a wonderful experience serving breakfast to 67 women and children at a domestic violence shelter

Story by Benia Jennings

Ten years ago, the General Conference launched their enditnow campaign, which emphasizes ending the cycle of abuse on women and children. Intimate partner violence has been a long-standing issue for more than 100 years within the Allegheny West Conference Shiloh Cincinnati church’s surrounding Avondale community. As a result, church members took part in this initiative to stop violence that may affect congregation and community members alike.

​Bob Tate, a retired pastor and member of Ohio Conference’s Centerville church, recently released Keys to the Kingdom.

Story by Visitor Staff

Bob Tate, a retired pastor and member of Ohio Conference’s Centerville church, recently released Keys to the Kingdom through TEACH Services. Read below how he hopes the book will equip members to be more actively involved in sharing Christ.

Visitor: What made you want to write this book?

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Editorial by Bonnie Navarro 
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Osceola McCarty was born in 1908. She lived with her aunt and grandmother in Mississippi. When her aunt returned from a hospitalization unable to walk, McCarty dropped out of school to care for her. She never went back. Instead, she became a washerwoman—getting up early in the morning to light a fire under her wash pot, wash the clothes on a scrub board, hang them on a 100-foot-long clothesline, and when they were dry, iron until 11 p.m. at night.