Photo of Carlton Byrd at Transformational Evangelism by Brian Tagalog

"We are living in a post-modern post Christian society," said Carltom Byrd, Speaker/Director of the Breath of Life Television Broadcast, at the Columbia Union Conference's Transformational Evangelism event. "The trends are going to continue downward even though we can make statistics look however we want to look."

He also added, "If our system continues the way it is and we don’t have the growth we need to have, the system is not sustainable. So God told us to go. But more than that, we’ve got to go because it isn’t sustainable."


Staff at Cambridge (Md.) church's FLAG camp pose with campers.

Pastor Cesar Gonzalez, a pastor in the Chesapeake Conference, recently shared his thoughts on ethical evangelism. This article doesn't necessarily represent the views of the Visitor staff.

Why don’t we talk about the ethics of how we do evangelism?

I live in the poorest county in the state of Maryland. The neediest children in the entire state live just a few blocks from my home, where I now sit comfortably writing these lines. I think of them often as I care for my own children who have warm, safe beds, plenty of clothes and abundant food.