By Tamyra Horst

The Simple Way, a Pittsburgh house church network, is not your typical church. Instead of a building, members meet in homes. There are currently three church groups meeting in Carnegie, Carrick and Ingram. They work together to share the gospel with family and friends in their neighborhoods and at work. Members are intentional in praying and looking for opportunities to connect with and invite people to join them. These simple invitations to worship and study together are changing lives. Just ask Tom, Crystal, Randy, Rick and Karen,who were all recently baptized at The Simple Way. 

Story by Tamyra Horst
After a day on the water, Joshua Plohocky and Rich Winget realized they had lost track of time and soon needed to head downstream quickly to make it off the river before dark.
As they prepared to leave, Plohocky got out of his kayak to remove it from a shallow rocky area. After moving it to deeper water, he slipped while entering the kayak and a little water got into the boat, but quickly got back into the kayak and the two paddled down river.
Before long, Plohocky realized that it was getting increasingly difficult to keep up with Winget and his kayak was feeling very heavy. Winget looked back and noticed the rear of the kayak was sinking. The kayak’s drain hole was sucking in water. Plohocky was paddling with over 100 pounds of water in his boat!
Washington Adventist University's Patrick E. Crarey Wins an Award

Story by Washington Adventist University (WAU) Staff

The Association of Independent Institutions, named Patrick E. Crarey, II 2020 A.I.I. Athletic Director of the Year this week. Crarey, in his tenth year leading W.A.U. Athletics & Men’s Basketball has added another milestone in his legacy. It’s the first time in W.A.U. history that an award of this magnitude has been given to a WAU athletic director.

BMA Education

Story by Andrew S. Lay

As I talk with parents and students about obtaining a Seventh-day Adventist education, an issue that often arises is how can they afford the investment and make it a reality. As an alumnus of Adventist education from elementary through graduate school, I understand this can be a challenge for families every year.

Below is a guide to assist in planning for a Seventh-day Adventist high school education.

Jared Chandler

Story by Esther Hernandez

“[This year] has been a memorable year for the family of Blue Mountain Academy,” says Sanghae Kim, Bible teacher and pastor of the Blue Mountain Academy (BMA) church. “Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the school closed as it was finishing a Week of Prayer. God blessed even that moment with six students getting baptized. And our spiritual revival has not stopped. Henrique Da Silva, a senior at BMA, and other leaders, started a prayer initiative each day at 9 p.m., calling for prayer for God’s protection and guidance. ... Each Wednesday a group of students meet with me online to study The Great Controversy and to pray together.”

Gabriel Morales (Left) is the new district pastor for the Wayne, Hackensack and Jersey City Heights churches. Steven Fonseca Ortiz, alongside his wife, Linda, (Right) is the new lead pastor of the Princeton and West Long Branch Spanish churches.

by Anthony Baffi

When Gabriel Morales was a child, his parents, Francisco and Maria, took him and his three sisters to both the La Victoria and Perth Amboy Spanish churches.

Story by LaTasha Hewitt

The First Church of Coatesville in Pennsylvania recently organized a “Sunshine Ministry,” to bring joy to their senior members. The ministry group visits seniors at their doorstep, providing socially distanced fellowship, singing, prayer and encouraging words.

About 20 Coatesville members recently delivered baskets to seniors filled with brightly-colored snacks, a sunflower and a yard sign, reminding them that they were missed and loved.

The team visited 12 seniors, including a member who has been in a rehab facility for weeks. Although they weren’t allowed inside, they offered encouragement outside of her window.

Brittan and Mike Hewitt

Story by Valerie Morikone

Get to know Brittan Hewitt, the new Women’s Ministries director for the Mountain View Conference:

I grew up in Roanoke, Va. My parents divorced when I was very young, and I lived with my mom most of the time. My mom and stepdad were both in law enforcement, and my dad was a firefighter. My grandfather and mom made sure I knew about Jesus and went to church. I went to a Christian school until eighth grade, then attended public school.