Columbia Union News

Dear Columbia Union Members,

This year’s Annual Council—the annual fall gathering of the governing body for our worldwide church—is scheduled for October 11-17 in Battle Creek, Mich.

Our Columbia Union Conference Executive Committee is deeply concerned about proposals that will be considered this year that are designed to bypass long-established church structure and create an overreaching arm that would facilitate increased control of any division or union action the General Conference leadership doesn’t approve going forward. The Union Committee does not believe this tactic will help to advance mission nor achieve unity.

CUASI (Columbia Union Adventist-Laymen’s Services & Industries) members will gather November 1–3 for “Not Mine, But Yours,” a conference organized to help attendees grow in their businesses, connect with other business owners and worship together.

“Our goal is to encourage attendees to recognize that their business, ministry, profession was given to them by God to further His kingdom, and that they should use their sphere of influence to share the gospel,” shares Mark Brown, president. “We want attendees to leave with a recognition that they have been strategically placed by God for His purposes.”