Editorial by Darren Wilkins

As we celebrate Spring Valley Academy’s (SVA) 50th anniversary, we’ve chosen to highlight the “Year of Jubilee” for our school theme. In the Old Testament, jubilee was that wonderful time of debt forgiveness, freedom for slaves and restoration for the downtrodden. Jubilee was a reset. A new start.

Story by Jaymie Pottinger

Pine Forge Academy (PFA) recently kicked off the 2018–19 school year with the theme “You Matter.” Kris Fielder (pictured), interim principal, says, “As a Christian boarding school, it is our responsibility to ensure that every student feels a sense of belonging as they develop into the leaders that they were created by God to be, with a sense of purpose, direction and confidence.” In expressing his optimism for the upcoming year, Jaymie Pottinger, vice principal, described his excitement as he watched “brilliant young scholars from across the country stake their claim on the successes that are imminent if they submit to God’s divine calling while enrolled at this excellent and historic institution.”