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Brad Barnwell photographed Elmer Herrera

Historia por Andre Hastick

Elmer Herrera y su familia se mudaron a Frederick, MD, a principios de la década de 2000. Él y su esposa, Olivia, ya habían ayudado a establecer iglesias en Hyattsville y Laurel, Maryland, y estaban ansiosos por volver a hacerlo cerca de su nuevo hogar.

Se unieron a un pequeño grupo que nalmente surgió como la iglesia hispana de Frederick en la Conferencia de Chesapeake. Pero Elmer, que dirige un pequeño negocio de pintura, dice que la iglesia estaba demasiado lejos de la comunidad hispana y quería comenzar otro grupo.

Jane Odero

Story by Celeste Ryan Blyden

Until recently Jane Odero served as a pastor in western Kenya’s Nyalgunga district. During her time in this largely un-entered region, she shepherded a district with five churches and two companies, and worked to revive three more companies.

Odero previously served as a literature evangelist in Kenya for 17 years, and, in 2016, became one of six female pastors in her conference. During the two years as a district leader, she helped to bring 105 people to Christ through six evangelistic meetings, camp meetings and personal evangelism efforts.

Did you know that Asia has replaced Latin America (including Mexico) as the biggest source of new immigrants to the U.S.? This and nine other trends highlighted by the Pew Research Center below are shaping the demographics of the U.S. Read more here.

1. “Americans are more racially and ethnically diverse than in the past, and the U.S. is projected to be even more diverse in the coming decades.” Studies find that by 2055, the U.S. will not have a single racial or ethnic majority.