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The Chesapeake Conference Executive Committee recently named Janesta Walker (below) as superintendent of schools, and Michael Jakobsons (right) as associate superintendent. Walker fills the vacancy left by Jacqueline Messenger, who is now associate director for secondary education for the Columbia Union Conference. Mark Walker, the current interim superintendent, is set to retire August 1.

“We welcome both of these educators to the Chesapeake Conference. Their combined training and experience, in a variety of school settings, will prove to be a genuine benefit to our schools,” says Rick Remmers, conference president.

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Psalm 27 opens with one of the most sublime Old Testament affirmations of the security of God’s people. The Lord is my light, to guide me, my salvation, to deliver me, and the stronghold of my life, in whom I take refuge. Of whom, then, shall I be afraid? It is a defiant, unanswerable question reminiscent of those at the end of Romans 8. When David’s enemies attack him, they will stumble and fall (verse 2). Indeed (verse 3), if a whole army should make war against him, even then he will be confident.