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Members of the West Salem Mission of Seventh-day Adventists in Ohio. Photo by Michael F. McElroy

Story by Hannah Luttrell / Photos by Michael McElroy

I want to be excommunicated.” Delila Glick looked straight at her bishop, her steady voice belying the twinge of nervousness she felt inside. From the outside, Glick looked like any typical Amish woman, her waist-length hair neatly twisted up in a bun and tucked beneath a white prayer covering, and her long, full skirt lightly brushing the floor of the bishop’s house.

Image by geralt on pixabay

How Diverse is the Columbia Union?

Did you know that there are 41,317 multilingual members among the Columbia Union Conference’s 148,068 members? (See how demographic shifts are impacting our churches here.)

Of this number:

31,140 speak Spanish
2,699 speak French
1,870 speak Korean
1,247 are Indian
1,052 are Haitian
1,340 members are Ghanian
928 are Brazilian
461 Are Filipino
247 are Indonesian
135 are Chinese
57 are Ethiopian
24 are Hungarian
22 are Romanian

Interview by Alexis A. Goring

Edwina Neely, a member of Potomac Conference’s Rockville (Md.) church, recently wrote Children Are Gifts, a book for parents. It includes illustrations about younger children, as well as principles that apply to parents with children of all ages.

During her 30 years of working in education, Edwina was employed as a teacher, childcare center owner and in the Potomac Conference Elementary Education Department—all of which provided the experience she needed for her book. She credits God for helping her finish the book, published by WestBow Press.

In the interview below, read more about this book and its relevant message to parents: