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Story by LaTasha Hewitt

A retirement and the pandemic inspired S. June and D. Robert Kennedy, seasoned authors and members of Allegheny East Conference's Emmanuel Worship Center in Alexandria, Va., to each add one more book to their publishing accomplishments.

June had recently retired when their son Robert III asked what she would do with all of
her “free” time. Initially she thought it might be a great opportunity to revise some of her earlier publications. Her son, however, encouraged her to find a new voice.

Their 12-year-old granddaughter, Britt, added, “I think you should write about how Pathfinders can be witnesses.”

Story by Tamaria Kulemeka

When Wayna Gray became principal of Allegheny East Conference's Dupont Park Adventist School (DPAS) in Washington, D.C., she was delighted with the positive qualities she found in the school’s programs, faculty and students. When she noticed students coming to school without lunch, however, she was concerned.

Teachers often gave students their own lunch and bought extra snacks for those who came without anything to eat, Gray recalls. In the past, lunches were provided at a cost to students. Now, due to the pandemic, students had to bring their own lunches, leaving some at a disadvantage.