Story by V. Michelle Bernard

This week, some 550 educators and staff members from the Columbia Union Conference joined more than 5,000 other educators in Phoenix for the North American Division Educators’ Convention.

Donovan Ross, Columbia Union vice president for Education, shares the importance of these types of events: “It’s about demonstrating to our teachers the value that we’ve placed in them, recognizing the sacrifices they make for Christian education. It also serves as an opportunity for us to get reacquainted with colleagues or former students or former classmates that we’ve interacted with over the years.”


Story by Leona Bange

Today, students face many challenges, pressures and temptations. Seventh-day Adventist education, however, offers young people and their parents a foundation of Christian values and academic excellence.

Academic Achievement. Students in Adventist schools, on average, place half a grade higher nationally in all subjects than other students. More than 85 percent of graduates from an Adventist school go on to college. In Adventist schools, the goal of academic achievement is always paired with the aim of developing a relationship with the Creator—an unbeatable combination!

Story by Rebecca Ingle

Kettering College recently held a ribbon-cutting ceremony to officially open the new nursing simulation lab, called Lab C. Various faculty and staff attended the ceremony as well as Kettering Health leadership and executive council to commemorate the special day.

Lab C was created to address a growing need for the nursing program. In the fall of 2022, Kettering College welcomed their first cohort of nursing students into the Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (A-BSN) track. Students can earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 15 months in this accelerated, full-time program.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Story by V. Michelle Bernard

Ileana Espinosa, who worked as the associate director of elementary education in the Office of Education at the Columbia Union Conference for more than 10 years, retired June 30. 

With experience in Seventh-day Adventist education, including time in the elementary classroom, as an education superintendent and associate superintendent, Espinosa brought more than 40 years of experience to her role.