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Story by Esther Hernandez

Rafael Tavares, a senior at Blue Mountain Academy, was born into a Christian home with a praying mother. As a young person, he decided to enjoy life and leave the church. Despite his decision, he knew his choices weren’t glorifying God. “I didn’t understand the impact of my choices—the movies I watched, the music I listened to,” Tavares shares. “But God kept sending me people who showed me His love and truth.”

CORE student Matthew Ullom tells Bible stories to refugee children during a recent mission trip.

Story by Tamyra Horst

Imagine waking up at 2 a.m., traveling all morning, landing in another state at noon, and immediately setting up a mini-health fair with multilingual materials, health care, free household items, and children's games and stories. While part of your team engages with people at the fair, others go door to door, visiting, sharing literature and offering prayer.

Image by kreatikar on pixabay

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Story by Natalie Lilly, Communication Intern

Rachel Ondimu and her family prayed for years that her stepfather, Courtney Cuffie, would accept Jesus and attend church with them.

“I’ve grown up with my stepfather since I was very little, and he’s always been a kind and gentle man. He would drop my mom off at church every Sabbath, but we were always hopeful he would give his heart to the Lord,” says Ondimu.

She, her mother, and two of her children, Obed and Ruhamah, recently attended an evangelistic series at the Allentown church, where the children decided they wanted to study for baptism.

Blue Mountain Academy, Helmi Calles

Story by Esther Hernandez 

Senior Helmi Calles recently received the 2021 Susan Berry Leadership award at RingFest, held in Toledo, Ohio. The award recognizes one bell choir student each year in the North American Division who “demonstrates outstanding leadership in the art of handbells.” This is the second consecutive year that a Blue Mountain Academy (BMA) student has received this award.