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Editorial by Jerry Lutz

I have a friend who has a strange habit of reading the last chapter of books first. He says it’s because he wants to know if the book will be worth the investment of his time and energy to read the whole thing. He also deliberately reads book reviews that contain spoilers for the same reason. “Why would I spend all that time reading a book that has a disappointing ending?” he reasons. “And besides, if I know it ends well, I then will read it from cover to cover to discover why it ends well.” I guess there are some people who just don’t like surprises. Apparently, my friend is one of them. To each his own.

Chesapeake Conference, Jerry Lutz, Eli Rojas, Pastors Renew Faith on Bible Lands Trip

Story by Evan Knott

The Chesapeake Conference recently organized an educational study tour to the Bible lands for pastors, aiming to enhance their biblical knowledge and support their ministry.

On the first phase, the pastors visited Egypt and Jordan, and on the second phase, they traveled to Israel and Palestine. Visits to significant biblical sites such as Mount Sinai, the Sea of Galilee, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, the Jordan River and Mount Carmel were included in the itinerary.

Coach Jay Alignay (left) and his wife, Becky, have become good friends with Jay's colleague, Dawn Stem (right), and her daughter, Jordan Delong.

Story by Elizabeth Anderson

Jimmy "Jay" Alignay, aka "Coach Jay," a member of Chesapeake Conference's New Hope church in Fulton, Md., is spreading the news about pickleball to anyone who will listen, so it’s not surprising he convinced Dawn Stem, a work colleague, to get on board.  

Pickleball, however, is just the latest thing on Stem's activity list with Alignay.