Columbia Union News

Story by V. Michelle Bernard

Members of the Columbia Union Conference Executive Committee met today to hear reports from ministries and entities across the union. In his report, Dave Weigley (pictured with Jose Esposito), Columbia Union president, emphasized the purpose of the church: to serve our community and carry the gospel to the world. 

He noted the plans for two upcoming evangelistic initiatives—one in Cincinnati, supported by the Allegheny West and Ohio conferences, and one in Baltimore, supported by the Allegheny East and Chesapeake conferences.

image by Donate PayPal Me from Pixabay

As summer camp season draws closer, many camp administrators are having a hard time recruiting staff for their ministries. "It has been much more difficult this year to find students/staff," say Ray Queen and Julie Minnick, director and associate director, respectively, at Potomac Conference's Camp Blue Ridge in Montebello, Va. “It has also been difficult to get them to commit and even fill out [an] application."

Other directors have reported similar situations. Minnick says that "students are being pulled in so many directions with school [and] career choices, and the biggest distraction is accepting internships," among other issues.