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For several months, Pathfinder Bible Experience (PBE) teams have studied 1 Kings and Ruth and the corresponding commentaries to prepare for PBE. After participating in area and conference PBE events, on March 19, 29 teams from around the Columbia Union Conference participated in the virtual event.

Teams that placed first will continue to the North American Division event on April 22-23.

The standings are:

Potomac Conference

Washington Adventist University recently hosted their Virtual Music Fest 2022. In the final concert, school leaders awarded 27 scholarships to participants. Watch the program by visiting

The following students attending Columbia Union schools received awards.

Highland View Academy
Ana Lopes $6,000
Kierra Singleton $6,000
Melissa Merchan $6,000
Jacob Nerona $6,000
SamuelMachado  $6,000

Lake Nelson
Jaedan Navarro $2,000
Joel Marin $8,000

Harold and Christine Greene retire March 1, 2022

Story by Michelle Greene

After more than 20 years of serving at the headquarters of the Columbia Union Conference in Columbia, Md., Harold and Christine Greene are retiring March 1.  

Prior to working at the Columbia Union, Harold worked as an educator for 19 years—many of those years as principal and science and math teacher at Pennsylvania Conference’s Huntington Valley Christian Academy (formerly Greater Philadelphia Junior Academy). Christine also served there, as the coordinator for the Christian Playcare Center.

Their passion for education created the opportunity to work at the union.  

Douglas Morgan and Emory Tolbert wrote this article, published in the February 2007 Columbia Union Visitor.

When Adventism took root in Washington, D.C., in the late 1800s, the capital city had the largest concentration of blacks of any American city. Howard University, outstanding public high schools, and federal government jobs made Washington a place of opportunity and high achievement for black Americans.

The first sizable group of black Adventist believers, in what would become Columbia Union territory, worked and worshiped in full fellowship with white believers in the Seventh-day Adventist Church of Washington, D.C.