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Story by Debra Anderson

Church revitalization is the process of leading a dying church back to a healthy state. Many churches are not only dealing with empty seats but also experiencing congregants losing interest in church life and growth. Recognizing this need for an infusion of new energy and vision, the Potomac Conference recently transitioned Paul Graham to serve as assistant to the vice president for Pastoral Ministries for Revitalization. Graham, who most recently served the conference as the associate Ministerial director of the North, will be assisting churches that are suffering from a lack of vision and growth to identify and rectify their deficits. It’s a process that sometimes may take months, and, in some situations, years, Graham says.

Mrs. Laura Short, the teacher of the Freshman Life Skills class, invited me to meet with the young men’s section. The semester, themed “Do Hard Things,” includes discussion of challenging subjects and practical handyman skills. I admit, we drifted from the suggested topic, as I shared my personal rehabilitation journey from COVID-19 pneumonia. I had been home for 15 months, after being discharged from a 3 1/2-month hospital stay.


Editorial by Charles A. Tapp

For the past several years, our mission here at the Potomac Conference has been to grow healthy disciple-making churches. That is because we believe our denomination’s foundation lies within the local church’s success. That, in a nutshell, is the reason we exist.

Recently, we have adopted the motto “Moving Beyond the Walls” because, regardless of how good a mission statement might be, success might easily evade our grasp without a way to achieve our goal. Moving beyond the walls means that here, in the Potomac Conference, we are no longer content that our churches merely have services inside its walls; instead, we are encouraging them to seek creative ways to assist others by moving beyond their walls. As devastating as the COVID-19 pandemic has been, it has provided us with the necessary “push” to go into our communities as never before so that we might become the salt and light that Jesus has admonished us to be. As we all know, salt is only effective when it leaves its shaker.

By God’s grace, this year we are determined to move beyond the walls and to do it as a TEAM: Together, Everyone Achieves More! We believe this mission should not be left up to our churches alone; to make this a reality, it will take a cooperative effort from our schools, conference administration and every member. Let’s achieve this goal together!

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Interview by Visitor Staff

Potomac Conference churches recently had the opportunity to receive funds to enhance their Media Ministries. (Read more here.) The Visitor staff interviewed Richard Castillo, Potomac’s Media director, for tips that all churches can use to improve this vital ministry. 

Visitor: What is the most important thing (social media-wise) churches can do to increase their reach?