Potomac Conference

Story by Debra Anderson

If the last two years have taught us anything, if we want to reach people—the churched and the unchurched—we must think outside the box to connect with individuals in hopes of fulfilling their spiritual needs. GracePoints does just that.

GracePoints is a weekly video cast hosted by Melvyn Warfield, senior pastor of Potomac Conference's Community Praise Center (CPC) in Alexandria, Va. A labor of love, GracePoints began as a way to connect with his church family during the pandemic, he says. Every Wednesday, he emails the church with a short message of encouragement and the GracePoints devotional.

The name GracePoints comes from Warfield’s love of talking about the grace of God, giving practical points every week to help people live out their faith and get to know Christ better.

Jorge Quintiana, pastor of the Virginia Beach (Va.) church

Story by Debra Anderson

It is not uncommon to find church leaders struggling to find ways to go beyond the premises of the church to minister. In the Potomac Conference, however, pastors, principals, teachers and office workers are being challenged to do just that—to extend themselves “Beyond the Walls.” For the last year, congregations around the conference have been intentional in living the gospel of Jesus by reaching out to help those in their local communities.

Story by Shaun Robinson

Thirteen ambitious students enrolled in this year’s engineering class at Takoma Academy (TA). Two of the course instructors are local engineers who have worked for NASA and Verizon. A third instructor who has done similar training with the U.S. military joins the team online each morning.

This year, Andrews University (Mich.) partnered with TA, certifying the Introduction to Engineering course as the first ever dual-credit course taught by TA instructors on TA’s campus. Additionally, students are receiving training that will prepare them to secure the industry-respected SOLIDWORKS Certification.