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Editorial by Sarah Capeles Frodelly

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In February, my family and I experienced one of the worse snowstorms in recent years. With over three feet of snow, I wasn’t sure if my tractor was powerful enough to clean the long driveway. So, instead of staying indoors sipping on my herbal tea, I ventured out into the cold to see if I could get it to work.

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Words cannot express the loss and pain we feel in the passing of Henry and Sharon Fordham, president and first lady of the Allegheny East Conference. Few leader-couples have touched our lives as much as they did, and our hearts are with their family and conference family.

President Fordham was a quintessential Christian gentleman and friend who demonstrated genuine love for Jesus, for his dear wife, Sharon, for his family and for everyone he encountered.

He served with heart, led with humility and blessed countless lives.

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Editorial by Leona Bange

Seventh-day Adventists have long valued the concept of educating our young people to be the army of youth empowered to hasten the second coming of Jesus. From the earliest years of our church’s history, we have understood the importance of opening schools to educate our children for service in proclaiming the gospel message.

Story by Salena Fitzgerald

Alumni weekends are traditionally held annually, face to face and in a familiar environment. Last year was very challenging, however, forcing most people to adapt to new realities. Due to the pandemic, Potomac Conference's Takoma Academy (TA) wasn’t able to host their 2020 Alumni Weekend on campus, celebrating years ending in zero and five. For this year’s event, the Alumni Association decided to expand the celebration and honor both last year and this year’s honorary alumni, celebrating classes ending in zero, one, five and six.