Story by Courtney Dove

This coming fall, Kettering College will welcome up to 50 students, mostly from Ukraine. The General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists created an “Education Emergency Plan” in March 2022 as the Russian invasion began in Ukraine and asked Adventist colleges and universities in North America how they could help support students whose education was being disrupted.

Negley Family

Story by Andrew S. Lay

"Legacy” can mean your reputation, good works or what you leave to your family or charities when you pass away. For several Highland View Academy (HVA) alumni and families, their legacy has been to put their sons and daughters through a Seventh-day Adventist high school setting where the chances of developing an education for eternity is greater. Several of these families describe their legacies below:

HVA was built on the former Negley family farm, with the Negley sons, David (’59), Nathan (’60) and John Negley, Sr. (’66) all graduating from the school. John would also send his son John Negley Jr. (’88) to the academy (both pictured below).

Story by Esther Hernandez

Rafael Tavares, a senior at Blue Mountain Academy, was born into a Christian home with a praying mother. As a young person, he decided to enjoy life and leave the church. Despite his decision, he knew his choices weren’t glorifying God. “I didn’t understand the impact of my choices—the movies I watched, the music I listened to,” Tavares shares. “But God kept sending me people who showed me His love and truth.”

Teachers are responsible to make meaningful connections with every one of their students, not just the ones that they automatically connect with. A positive and healthy teacher-student relationship is key for optimum student outcomes,” says Alison Jobson, associate director of early childhood education for the Columbia Union Conference.

Learn more about the importance of cultural competence in the classroom from Jobson’s presentations below.

Blue Mountain Academy, Helmi Calles

Story by Esther Hernandez 

Senior Helmi Calles recently received the 2021 Susan Berry Leadership award at RingFest, held in Toledo, Ohio. The award recognizes one bell choir student each year in the North American Division who “demonstrates outstanding leadership in the art of handbells.” This is the second consecutive year that a Blue Mountain Academy (BMA) student has received this award.