Story by Courtney Dove

Nearly 25 students have traveled from Ukraine last week to begin their studies at Kettering College. Their lives and education have been disrupted by war in their country. When the Euro-Asia Division of Seventh-day Adventists reached out to universities nationwide asking for assistance, Kettering College President, Nate Brandstater was moved to help.

He asked colleagues at Kettering College and Kettering Health if he would have their support in bringing students to the college. He knew it was a big ask, and he admitted he didn’t have all the answers on how to make it happen, but everyone he discussed it with agreed they wanted to pursue the opportunity.

When five students show up late for school registration, the principal assigns them to a new initiative called “The Ambassadors.” At first, none of the students take the assignment seriously, but eventually something that started out as a project changes their lives forever.


One goal of the series is to enable families to connect with the academy in a fun, memorable and innovative way. As students worked on this filming project, they soon discovered that the storyline reflected their real lives more closely than expected.

Diego Boquer, senior pastor of the Baltimore-White Marsh church, baptizes Travis McClurkin.

Story by Evan Knott

When a student from Chesapeake Conference's Baltimore-White Marsh Adventist School decided to get baptized, the student’s father took notice.

Travis McClurkin visited the Baltimore-White Marsh church October 9, 2021, to watch his daughter, Emma, get baptized. After witnessing the baptism and hearing his daughter’s testimony, McClurkin decided he needed to follow her example.

Potomac Conference, Juwel Watson

Story by Debra Anderson

Juwel Watson is the new director of special education for the Potomac Conference. A former fourth- and fifth-grade teacher at Takoma Academy Preparatory School in Takoma Park, Md., Watson has a solid academic background and a wealth of experience in special education.

The Potomac Conference Office of Education has been on a mission to hire a qualified specialist to provide guidance and support to schools that have students with special education needs. Departmental data shows a significant need in the conference to expand the opportunities for students who qualify for special education.

Story by Salena Fitzgerald

Three beloved and accomplished Takoma Academy (TA) staff members retired at the end of the 2021–22 academic year.

C. Dunbar Henri received his Master of Divinity from the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary (Mich.) in 1983. After 18 months of singing and traveling with the Heritage Singers out of Placerville, Calif., he pastored three churches in Maryland from 1983–1986 before joining TA’s staff full-time.

During the last 37 years, Henri has served as a Bible teacher and administrator, including two stints as TA principal from 1995–1997 and 2005–2009. During his first stint, he became the first black princi- pal to serve at TA. He also served as vice principal.