Rob Gettys, alongside his wife, Brandy, is Highland View Academy’s new principal.

Story by Andrew S. Lay

Chesapeake Conference's Highland View Academy (HVA) welcomes Rob Gettys as the new principal for the 2022–23 school year. He brings many years of educational experience to the position.

Prior to coming to HVA, Gettys served as the athletic director for Andrews University (Mich.). He has worked at several academies, including Blue Mountain Academy (Pa.), Fletcher Academy (N.C.), Ozark Adventist Academy (Ark.) and Upper Columbia Academy (Wash.).

Editorial by Weymouth Spence

At Washington University we have adopted the successful concept of “Relationship-Rich Education.” This involves intentionally integrating course content and deliberate critical attention to our student’s well-being. It is our desire to make every student feel that they belong at Washington Adventist University and that we care about them graduating on time with little or no debt ready for the workplace and for eternity.

Story by Courtney Dove

Nearly 25 students have traveled from Ukraine last week to begin their studies at Kettering College. Their lives and education have been disrupted by war in their country. When the Euro-Asia Division of Seventh-day Adventists reached out to universities nationwide asking for assistance, Kettering College President, Nate Brandstater was moved to help.

He asked colleagues at Kettering College and Kettering Health if he would have their support in bringing students to the college. He knew it was a big ask, and he admitted he didn’t have all the answers on how to make it happen, but everyone he discussed it with agreed they wanted to pursue the opportunity.