2024 Adventist HealthCare Lucy Board Scholarship

Story by Adventist HealthCare Staff

The Lucy Byard Scholarship was created to honor the legacy of Lucy Byard and to reaffirm Adventist HealthCare’s commitment to treat all people with respect and dignity. The scholarship will provide needed funding to gifted nursing students of limited financial means.

In this way, Adventist HealthCare will contribute to the greater effort to close the health-disparities and economic-inequity gaps among people of color. Learn more at

Photos by Hollie Macomber

Story by Angela Peach

One class can change a student’s life. Ask Elaina Halye, a senior at Ohio Conference's Spring Valley Academy (SVA), and she will tell you that the ceramics class she took her sophomore year did just that.

Halye has fond memories of seeing the pottery that her aunt and uncle, Kathleen (Halye) Delgado (’02) and Myles Halye (’05), made in their ceramics classes around her grandma’s house. It intrigued her enough that when she had the opportunity to take that class, she jumped at the chance.

“It wasn’t easy at first,” Elaina admits, “but I caught on pretty quickly.”

Yet it was more than just learning a new skill that connected with her.

Zaida Galva with Pastor Tim Harley at Shenandoah Valley Academy

Story by Zaida Galva (’24)

I can definitely say coming to Shenandoah Valley Academy (SVA) was a God-worked plan. My name is Zaida Galva, and I am a senior from New York City, a place where you are confronted with lots of challenges on a daily basis. City life is extremely fast-paced, and you never really have a chance to establish deep relationships with those around you. That all changed when I arrived at SVA.

Students prepare to rake leaves in Highland View Academy’s community.

Story by Rob Gettys

Highland View Academy (HVA) leaders and students are committed to serving their local com- munity. In years past, they have planned and implemented a “Week of Service” in the spring. This year, they chose to spread the service days throughout the school year to place a more consistent emphasis on serving their community.

Recently, HVA students entered the community to rake leaves, split and stack firewood, pick apples from a family orchard—located on a farm with a medical mission program that serves advanced cancer patients—and participate in many other service-related activities.