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Historia de V. Michelle Bernard

El Calendario de la Unión de Columbia 2022, con el tema “Cultive una vida de alabanza”, presenta versículos de la Biblia que honran a Dios y resaltan la belleza de Su creación.

Todos los meses se incluyen consejos y desafíos de salud del personal de Adventist HealthCare, que recuerdan a los lectores que deben cuidar su salud mental.

Se pueden solicitar calendarios adicionales, pagando solo el costo de envío, llamando al (800) 545-2449. Solicite el “Calendario de la Unión de Columbia 2022”.

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The last couple of years have been especially hard, given the pandemic, political strife and natural disasters. In times like these, it’s really easy to get stuck in a pattern of pessimism and overlook the many blessings in our lives. In our humanity, we often notice the prose, yet miss the poetry. We marinate in sorrows, but gloss over gifts. We dwell on past hurts instead of present hope.

Indeed, our world is steeped in sin. The devil attacks relentlessly, seeking to destroy us. But Jesus already claimed the victory, and we know that, in the end, the sword of judgment will be overshadowed by His scepter of mercy.

In the meantime, as we live through this great controversy, how can we cope?

The 2022 Columbia Union Calendar, themed “Cultivate a Life of Praise,” features Bible verses that honor God and highlight the beauty of His creation.

Health tips from Adventist HealthCare staff are included every month, reminding readers to take care of their mental health.

Extra calendars can be ordered, for the cost of shipping, by calling (800) 447-7377. Ask for the “2022 Columbia Union Calendar.”