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By Thomas Luttrell

Statistically, about 40–50 percent of married couples will end in divorce, and 75 percent will remarry. The rate of divorce for second marriages increases to about 60 percent, and even higher when there are children involved. This means the majority of blended families will break up. Christians, including Seventh-day Adventists, are not immune to this and tend to mirror divorce rates of the larger society.  

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By Thomas and Hannah Luttrell

To honor our mothers and fathers in May and June, respectively, Thomas and Hannah Luttrell—the contributors of the May/June 2023 “Parenting Paradigm” feature—interviewed two students from Chesapeake Conference’s Spencerville Adventist Academy (Md.). Victoria Imbraguglio (’26) and Jared Rivera (’27) share what their parents mean to them and give words of advice to all parents.

What I love about my parents:

Perhaps you’ve heard of "No-Shave November"? Now it's time for your lawn to get in on the inaction.

A growing number of local towns and organizations are encouraging residents to hold off mowing their lawns for "No Mow May" (sometimes earlier depending on the geographic location). This, in addition to not using pesticides will allow local native plants to serve as food for early season pollinators.

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By Thomas and Hannah Luttrell

Bruce Perry, a psychiatrist and neuroscientist, recommends the non-traditional “3 Rs” method to help children—especially those who are highly sensitive or neurodiverse—learn, think and reflect during difficult situations.

Regulate: Many parents try to reason with their children when they are already “unregulated”—unable to control their emotions. This can be due to being tired, anxious, fearful or hungry. The first thing parents need to do is help their child control their emotions. They can model this by not reacting in anger. Parents may need to remove the child from an overstimulating environment or immediately address their underlying physical need.