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WGTS 91.9 Words of Hope | 027 - "Football" from WGTS 91.9 Media on Vimeo.

God can give you the victory! WGTS midday show producer, Spencer White, inspires his team as he coaches them in kids’ football. In the latest Words of Hope video devotional, he connects messages he learns as he coaches his team, with the giants we each face in life.

Spencer focuses on Matthew 17:20-21 in the devotional. It is a verse which assures us that even with faith as small as a mustard seed, God can use our faith and move mountains. He can take those big, scary giants and move them for us. He can give us the victory, sometimes even before we knew that giant was headed our way.

Image by Wokandapix from Pixabay

Story by Tamyra Horst

The second Friday night of each month, Carnegie, Pa., hosts the “Carnegie Crawl,” where Main Street businesses stay open late with live music and special events throughout the town.


Earlier this year, nonprofits were offered the opportunity to serve the community during the crawl. Members of Pennsylvania Conference’s Carnegie church joined the event by creating a “gratitude board.” As people walked past the group, members asked them what they were thankful for.

Image by Khushboo from Pixabay


Story by V. Michelle Bernard

Missing fresh summer produce? Why not grow some indoors this winter?

Blue Mountain Academy’s cafeteria manager and a longtime gardener, Christina Houston, says it’s possible to grow lettuce, greens, microgreens and herbs indoors in the winter. She says tomatoes can also be grown indoors with proper sunlight and heat.

Growing rowing your own food can save money, if given a proper start, she says. 

“Choosing plants that keep producing will give months of continuous harvest until the season changes. The more the plants are harvested, the more they will grow,” she says, noting you can save seeds from the plants for next year as well, helping keep your wallet green, too.