This Month's Issue

Story by Tamaria L. Kulemeka

Educators have embraced the new frontier of hybrid instruction and have adapted their classrooms in a way that would never have been conceived prior to the pandemic shutdown.

Unexplored Territory

Though Columbia Union Conference schools have returned to in-person learning, many of them continue to offer a virtual option for the unforeseen future.

En una serie de reuniones de caravanas, miembros de 17 iglesias alrededor de la Conferencia de Chesapeake se reunieron para animar a los asistentes a ganar almas para Jesús, plantar iglesias multiculturales e iniciar grupos pequeños. 

El orador José D. Espósito, asistente del presidente para evangelismo en la Unión de Columbia, dijo que el liderazgo de la unión está enfatizando la plantación de iglesias multiculturales y multilingües en la comunidad, no solo para las comunidades de inmigrantes de segunda y tercera generación. 

 El evento fue organizado para animar y motivar a los miembros de la iglesia, pero Espósito informa que alrededor del 10 por ciento de los asistentes eran miembros de la comunidad invitados por amigos. 

Editorial by Donovan Ross

When I was in the classroom, one of my favorite verses for morning devotion was Proverbs 3:6–7: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths” (NJKV). These verses reminded us that when we trust in God, we will be blessed by His direction. I’m still comforted by that reminder, especially as our Columbia Union Conference schools contend with the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences.