This Month's Issue

The 2024 Columbia Union Conference Calendar, which is starting to arrive at homes, features the Columbia Union's strategic motto, "Empower, Equip, Engage," as a call to action in 2024. Each month features Bible verses to remind readers of the important role they play in furthering the mission in their communities.

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Ben Robbins/Unsplash

Editorial by José D. Espósito

• A church family growing from 15 to 54 members after meeting the needs of community members and hosting an evangelistic series.

• A young girl requesting prayer for her grandpa and helping lead her family back to Christ.

• A member sharing his love of pickleball with others, resulting in hundreds of people finding fellowship and a safe place to discuss spiritual matters, while getting exercise.

• A pastor using his love of restoring cars to connect with his neighbors.

• A teacher praying for her students, impacting their spiritual walk for years to come.

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

Story by V. Michelle Bernard

Looking for a fun, festive event to host this holiday season? Chesapeake Conference’s Rock Hall (Md.) church is hosting its 13th cookie party this year. Since 2010, members have decorated and baked cookies together with church and community members at the church’s holiday party.